Data Center & Record Storage Facility

Our 14,000 square foot secure Data Center currently provides physical back-up and record storage and will soon provide virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

Centralize your organization’s hosting, equipment storage, and data management operations with our new data center and record storage services.

In addition to hosting Virtual Private Servers (VPS) our new data center and record storage facility also offers secure storage for your physical and electronic records, media tapes, vital records and other important assets.    

Our 14,000 square foot facility is equipped with full alarm and access control systems, 24/7 video surveillance in all storage & handling areas, fire detection and prevention systems, and full spectrum environmental controls including thorough ventilation, temperature control, HVAC systems, and exhaust systems to ensure that your equipment and records are kept within the manufacturer-specified temperature and humidity range that will keep them in the best condition for the longest time.  

Our facility provides customers with the peace of mind that the latest technologies and techniques are being used to protect your data from both physical damage and unauthorized access.