Winning with Wildcard Corp.

A hands-on experience from a Wildcard Intern: Applying education to her position, and developing her knowledge and skills for professional growth.

Published May 16, 2019

by McCara Steinhilber

The past three semesters of my undergrad program, I had the privilege of being the Administrative Intern at Wildcard Corp. Throughout my time here, I was involved in many different tasks, which helped me grow professionally and as a student. Being part of so many different things, from social media to research was valuable to me. It will make me more marketable as I transition into my professional career and my dream job.

Working at Wildcard Corp. has taught me many things, but most importantly, that no day is the same. Each day would bring something different, and I learned how to be flexible, to “go with the flow.” A typical day for me would be to come into the office and dig into my tasks that my boss and I previously went over; however, if another employee needed me to conduct research for them, help them prep for a conference, or take notes at a meeting, for example, I was able to do that. Learning to be flexible opened another door for me. I was able to get experience working with local business owners and helping them meet their needs as they prepared for upcoming events. I gained experience with both nonprofit and corporate businesses at the same time.

In addition, Wildcard Corp. taught me time management and responsibility. With being a full-time student, working part-time, and also a student-athlete, I learned how to balance my rigorous schedule in order to be successful. Without the company culture of Wildcard Corp., I would never have been able to accomplish this. They allowed me to schedule hours around my classes. This enabled me to enroll in the classes I needed to graduate while meeting the 20 hour minimum of a part-time employee. I learned to be accountable for my commitments, consistently show up on-time, and be present in the work I was doing.

The final things I learned at Wildcard Corp. were collaboration and creativity. When I was assigned tasks, a lot of the time they were given to me with a brief explanation. This allowed me to use my creativity and run in my own direction. With my creativity I was able to increase market potential and bring forth new ideas. Along with this creativity I was able to use collaboration. I learned how to communicate with my coworkers to complete projects, how to ask questions, and work as a team. Effective collaboration is important to me because I know as I go on, projects are only going to become more complex.

Adaptability, time management, creativity, and collaboration are four skills that I consider valuable. Strengthening these skills is a great investment to me because they are something that cannot be taught. I can take these four skills and apply them in my near future, as they are part of the top five soft skills employers are looking for in 2019 (Petrone).

Throughout my time at Wildcard Corp. I had the privilege of taking part in many different aspects that both showed and allowed me to learn the operations of a business. With this, I was also able to develop and improve on valuable skills that I can take with me in my next steps. Thank you Wildcard Corp. for taking a chance on me.



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