Do You Lose Sleep at Night? Part 1: Why Security Matters

Slides from Nathan Van Gheem's talk at the Penn State Elements Web Conference, on June 6, 2016

Wildcard Corp. are cybersecurity experts, securing systems for a wide range of clients from small non-profits to large federal organizations.

Security vulnerabilities can be wildly expensive, whether in terms of reputation or cash. If your systems are breached, damaging material could be posted, non-public material could be released, and your loss of data could have far-ranging effects.

If there is anything you can do to keep your systems more secure, you should do it. The good news is: many of these things are surprisingly simple to do.

Wildcard Director of Solutions Engineering Nathan Van Gheem gave this presentation on the need for good cybersecurity measures at Penn State University's Elements Web Conference on June 6, 2016. The presentation, "Do You Lose Sleep at Night?", was targeted at those of us who are in charge of keeping sensitive data safe. Cybersecurity best practices are always evolving, and any organization with a web presence should be aware of the new trends.

We are going to be releasing the slides from this presentation in a series of blog posts to help keep the spotlight on cybersecurity. Click the link below to view Part 1  explaining why security matters to you.